VMP 11-14 Mustang GT 5.0 L Supercharger - Gen3 2.65 L TVS - Complete


VMP’s Gen3 TVS supercharger is a tried and true solution for the Coyote engine. The original VMP Gen3 first launched in early 2018 and has shown what a “small blower” really is capable of. The Gen3 head unit can be turned-down to as little as 650-700 rear-wheel horsepower, or turned up to 1000+ rear-wheel horsepower. Different pulley sizes allow you to achieve different boost and thus horsepower levels. This kit includes our VMP Gen3 supercharger head unit, lower intake manifold, belt system, and everything you need to boost your car.


  • Rated at 825 HP and 675 Ft/Lb TQ*
  • Warrantied components
  • Complete kit with custom tuning
  • Easy to install at home in 8-12 hours by following our videos
  • Maintains stock-like driveability
  • Expandability - room to grow when you want to upgrade

The VMP Gen3 2.65 L TVS is a tried and true improvement over the original VMP 2.3 L supercharger. The “3” is just as torquey at the “2/R”, but takes less supercharger RPM to make the same power, and has a horsepower ceiling that is 100-150 rwhp higher. You will use a pulley that is 3-4 sizes larger to make the same boost as a 2.3 L.

Start with an 88mm pulley for mild combinations on pump gas, and pulley-down as your appetite for horsepower grows. You can go all the way down to a 69mm pulley with the 6-rib belt before upgrading to one of our 8 or 10 rib overdrive setups. If you want to push the limits of a stock coyote on E85 run a 79mm or 75mm upper and hold-on, we have seen this combo dyno over 900 rwhp.

VMP’s kits are fully upgradeable with larger throttle bodies and smaller pulleys for when you install supporting mods and want even more power.

The 11-14 Gen1 coyote motor is a formidable engine, holding up to 600-700rwhp with ease. The key is good fuel quality and not over-doing it with too much boost and too little octane. We recommend an 88mm pulley for 91 and 93 octane, for boostane or E85 you may use an 85mm pulley or smaller.

VMP TVS supercharger kit includes:

  • VMP Gen3 2.65 L TVS supercharger head-unit with adapter plate for stock GT500 bolt-pattern
  • Cast aluminum supercharger lower intake manifold with integrated CAC (charge air cooler / intercooler)
  • VMP Twinjet 69 MM throttle body
  • 123 MM air intake system
  • VMP billet aluminum fuel rails
  • FIC 1000 CC fuel injectors
  • VMP Plug and Play fuel pump booster
  • Heavy duty first-sheave FEAD system with belt, all idlers, tensioner, and bracketry
  • VMP dual-fan triple-pass heat exchanger / low-temp radiator
  • Intercooler pump with lines and reservoir for supercharger low-temp cooling system
  • VMP plug and play wiring harness set
  • All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses and clamps you need to supercharge!

Order options:

  • 88mm pulley standard, below 85mm requires fuel system upgrades and Boostane
  • Choose a tuning device if you don’t have one
  • VMP Twinjet 69 MM throttle body standard
  • FIC 1000 CC injectors are included, you may upgrade to ID1050x or ID1300x


  • One year warranty on VMP TVS supercharger components
  • 100,000 mile service interval on supercharger
  • One year of VMP custom tuning support
  • Installation videos and M-F/9-5 phone support

Custom tuning:

  • Every VMP supercharger kit includes a VMP custom tune with datalog review and adjustment
  • Select your preferred tuning device from the above options (additional cost)
  • Updates for new mods are no-charge when the parts are purchased from VMP
  • We will contact you for vehicle modifications and details after you order
  • The fuel upgrades included with the kit are intended for 91-93 octane gasoline based fuels. Running E85 is possible with fuel system upgrades and yields large power gains, E85 tunes are an additional cost.


  • *93 octane recommended for best performance and rated power output
  • *Horsepower ratings vary based on quality of fuel, conditions, and exhaust. Speak with our team for the best combination to meet your horsepower goals.
  • *Not approved for sale or installation in the state of California or any other states that require an EO number.
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