Oh Chute it's our logo! - Vinyl Decal

Oh Chute it's our logo! - Vinyl Decal

Oh Chute it's our logo. Rep our logo on your car, toolbox, or on your neighbors F-body. On sale!


Permanent vinyl decal

  • Product Application

    For best vinyl transfer onto tape, run a hard edge squeegee across the back of the decal to insure vinyl is stuck to transfer tape. Slowly peel backing away from tape. Try not to peel upward as this may cause the vinyl not to transfer to the tape, pull directly backwards.


    After backing is off, line up your decal to the desired serface. Place one corner down on the serface and use your same hard edge sqeegee to apply your decal. Once your decal in all the way on, run your squeegee across tape to make sure the vinyl has adheared to your surface. Slowly peel transfer tape using the same motion when you peeled the backing off.

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