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Learn more about what it takes to prep a vehicle for a ceramic coating and how it is applied to get the best even coverage.

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Chemical Decontamination

This process will lift iron and fallout that has collected on your vehicle and wheels. This happens from road grime and pollutants in the air. A chemical reaction happens when our iron decon has stayed on the vehicle, and the contaminated elements are lifted, causing the purple color seen in the photo. Once lifted to the surface, it can be washed off.

Tar Removal

Tar from roadways and construction will damage your clear coat and paint. This will be removed by a chemical that will soften it and will start to melt away. This is the safest way to keep the integrity of your clearcoat and paint.

Foam Bath

The soap and foam bath sits and dwells breaking down dirt and iron remanence. Once this is rinsed off it is ready for a physical wash.

Contact Wash

Contact wash with the correct mitt will remove the rest of the dirt and grime. We use multiple mitts for each panel with a multi bucket rinse method.

Physical Decontamination

Physical decontamination with a clay pad or mitt will pick up and remove embedded contaminants.

Final Rinse

This last rinse ensures all soap and dirt is sprayed out of all crevices and tight areas.


Dying is important and should be done correctly. Lightly dragging the right drying towel over the car in one direction.

Second Plastic & Grill Cleaning

Paint Correction & Polish

Panel & Paint Preparation

Glass Cleaning

The Best Ceramic Coating in the Planet

Ceramic Application

Final Wheel Cleaning & Ceramic Application

Glass Ceramic Application

Top Coat Application

Ceramic Cure Time

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