Auto F.A.Q's

There is a lot of information out there and different types of ceramic coatings. The below information is based off of Ceramic Pro products. 

Vehicle F.A.Q's

Can I still use a car wash?
Yes, you can still use a car wash as long as it is a "touchless" or a "brushless" car wash. Many gas station car washes typically do not have brushes. There are more available than you might realize and we can provide you with a list of them in your area. 
What package do I use with a carwash?
Pick the option that does not spray wax or sealants onto your vehicle. This is typically the cheapest option. You are now spending less money cleaning your car and you do not have to clean it as often. 
Why can I not use a brushed carwash?
Due to water recycling requirements and the lack of washing off the brushes even closed-cell foam can introduce swirls to your car's paint. Ceramic coatings can help protect against this but can still be damaged and void your warranty. 
Can I still wash it myself or do I have to bring it to you? 
You can still do a home wash with a soft wash mitt and proper drying towels. As long as non-abrasive tools are used. We can recommend or sell you our recommended products. 
How long do I wait until I can wash my car?
48 hours for a touchless or brushless wash.
2 weeks for a contact hand wash. This is due to the ceramic needing to cure or harden.
What to do if it gets wet or has bird droppings?
Use a quick detail spray and a plush microfiber to wipe away small spots. Any droppings left for extended periods can damage or etch clearcoats and ceramic coatings. 
How do I dry my car?
The great news is you will not have to spend much time drying your car with a ceramic coating. After using a touchless carwash and driving home you will notice most of the water slid right off. If there are any spots leftover you will use a soft automotive drying towel or plush microfiber. Same with home washes. We do sell these products in-house. You can also use a leaf blower. 

Home F.A.Q's

There is a lot of information out there and different types of ceramic coatings. The below information is based off of Ceramic Pro products. 

How does this help my countertops?
Ceramic coating countertops will give you a sanitary surface for food preparation and allow the stones to breathe. The counters will also have added stain protection to help with spills. 
Does it change the way my counters look?
No, The home-specific ceramic coating will not change the way your counters, Tile and sinks look. 
How does it help with sinks?
Ever get water spots? Stuck food? Dried toothpaste? Ceramic will keep these things from sticking and lasts longer and is more durable than consumer-grade coatings. 
Can I use it on my appliances?
YES! The exterior of stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and more. benefits are a decrease in water stains, stuck-on food and fingerprints.  
What about my bathroom?
Most of us hate cleaning bathrooms and glass shower doors are the worst. With ceramic, liquids and soaps will run off and not adhear greatly reducing stain
Are there outdoor uses?
You can use ceramic coatings on your outdoor grill/kitchen and most furniture. This keeps the weather elements and sun at bay and your patio will look clean and new.